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DragonBoard is a U.S. patented, UL approved fire resistant, water resistant, high-impact construction panel that is well-suited for both interior and exterior sheathing applications. With its mold resistant, fire resistant and high impact properties, DragonBoard should be used whenever there is a high value placed on a building’s contents and equipment or when health and safety concerns exist.

The DragonBoard FAQ
Frequently asked questions about our Fire Rated MgO board.
  • Is DragonBoard a fire rated product, and is it considered non-combustible? +
    Yes. You may specify DragonBoard (UL Design G575) where ever a 2-hour fire-rated, noncombustible, floor/ceiling assembly is called for.
  • Is DragonBoard easier to use than cement board? +
    DragonBoard is lighter weighing only four pounds per square foot. It is also easier to cut and trim, and thanks to shiplap edges, it is more forgiving than T&G cement board.
  • How does DragonBoard compare in cost with alternative subflooring? +
    DragonBoard is sold through authorized dealers, who set prices based on quanitity, logistics, etc. However, DragonBoard can save you significant dollars when compared to cement board or poured concrete.
  • I'm concerned about mold, fungus, and insects. Can Dragonboard help? +
    DragonBoard is non-nutrient to all of the above.
  • What sizes are available? +
    DragonBoard is stocked in 4'x8' dimensions. Other lengths are available via special order. Ask your authorized dealer for details.
  • How do you suggest I fasten DragonBoard to floor joists? +
    For best results "glue and screw" using corrosion resistant, self-countersinking cement board screws. No pre-drilling necessary. Ask your dealer for brands.
  • Where can I get more information? +
    Use the Contact Page on this website, Email us at , or call 732-662-6275.
  • When should I use DragonBoard®? +
    Use DragonBoard® anywhere there is a need for a UL fireproof, mold proof, insect proof, waterproof and high impact alternative to common drywall or concrete block.
  • When should I use DragonBoard®? +
    Use DragonBoard® anywhere there is a need for a UL fireproof, mold proof, insect proof, waterproof and high impact alternative to common drywall or concrete block.
  • How do I finish DragonBoard®? +
    Finish exactly as you would drywall. It is ideal for use with direct-apply coatings like Dragonskin®, paint or tiles.
  • What sizes are available? +
    From ¼” to ¾” Flooring in 4’ x 8’.
    9’ 10’ and custom sizes are also available.
  • Is it GREEN? +
    DragonBoard® is manufactured at room temperature from Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride. All scraps are reused. MgO is a natural product of mines and can even be found in health food stores to be taken as a supplement. Magnesium Chloride (MCL) is a common component of sea water. DragonBoard® is safe in landfills. It is completely VOC and formaldehyde free.
  • How does it handle and cut? +
    DragonBoard® suggests a carbide-blade circular saw with a dust bag. Rout as you would drywall. Contact DragonBoard Technical Services with additional questions.
  • Is DragonBoard® high in silica? +
    DragonBoard® contains 14 times less silica than found in common drywall.
  • How do I treat the seams? +
    DragonBoard® is available with tapered edges for easy taping and spackling.
  • How do I fasten DragonBoard®? +
    There are several off-the-shelf screws that work well and will self-countersink, for example the #12 Rock-On screw from and screws from Grabber and DuraSpin.
  • Is pre-drilling necessary? +
    No. Not when using the screws that we recommend.
  • Is it heavy? +
    Because it is dense, DragonBoard® weighs about 20% more than sheetrock. However, in rated fire applications, you will need ½ the number of sheets of DragonBoard® compared to gypsum.
  • Is DragonBoard® sheathing expensive? +
    DragonBoard® is a high-performance, UL rated sheathing product. Because it is fire, mold, insect, moisture proof and high impact, it is more expensive than common drywall. In fire assemblies, DragonBoard® requires fewer layers than gypsum, thus reducing costs.
  • Is DragonBoard® Flooring expensive? +
    In many applications, ¾” DragonBoard® Flooring can save 40%-50% over poured concrete. Compared to cement-based products, DragonBoard® is remarkably cost effective.