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SuperStud Energex DragonBoard Galaxy

Meet DRAGONBOARD the only UL-Approved construction panel that is:
  • Fire-Proof (UL 055 and ASTM-Tested and A-Rated)
  • Waterproof (Freeze/Thaw-Tested for 36 months)
  • Mold/Fungus/Bug Free (Non-nutrient to mold, fungus, insects ASTM G-21)
  • Impact-Resistant (ASTM D-5628)
  • NYC Approved (MEA # 359-02-M)
  • Silica/Asbestos Free
  • Florida Hurricane Tested
  • STC-Rated 53-54
  • Ready for all 2007 ICC criteria
  • Ideal for Flooring (3/4" = 21/2" poured concrete!)
  • Guaranteed to Offer Substantial Cost Savings*

  Our Commitment to the Environment

DRAGONBOARD US is concerned about the environment. DRAGONBOARD is manufactured from mineral components and water. DRAGONBOARD contains:
  • No organic solvents
  • No oils
  • No toxic ingredients
  • No heavy metal salts
  • No asbestos

DRAGONBOARD sawdust may be safely buried in a landfill without contamination or environmental damage to land, streams or bodies of water.

No energy is consumed in manufacturing DRAGONBOARD. The entire patented process is conducted at room temperature and scraps or drop-offs are reground and used in the production of DRAGONBOARD.

AIA Learning Unit Credits are available about MgO products. Find out more information here or contact your DragonBoard sales rep.