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DragonBoard is a U.S. patented, UL approved fire resistant, water resistant, high-impact construction panel that is well-suited for both interior and exterior sheathing applications. With its mold resistant, fire resistant and high impact properties, DragonBoard should be used whenever there is a high value placed on a building’s contents and equipment or when health and safety concerns exist.

About DragonBoard

Meet DragonBoard

The only UL approved MgO subflooring and construction panel that is:

  • Class A fire-rated and load-bearing equal to cement board and poured concrete.
  • Freeze-thaw tested for 36 months
  • Mold, fungus, insect-free per ASTM G21
  • Impact resistant per ASTM D 5628
  • NYC approved per MEA
  • Silica, Asbestos, and VOC Free
  • STC rated 53-54 - in assembly
  • Meets ICC product criteria
  • Lighter-weight and substantial cost savings over cement board

Fire Resistant features of DragonBoard

Our Commitment to the Environment

Mineral Components

Safe for Landfills

No Thermal Process

DragonBoard is manufactured from mineral components and water. It contains:

  • No organic solvents
  • No oils
  • No toxic ingredients
  • No heavy metal salts
  • No asbestos

DragonBoard sawdust may be safely buried in a landfill without contamination or environmental damage to land, streams or bodies of water.

No energy is consumed in manufacturing DragonBoard. The entire patented process is conducted at room temperature and scraps or drop-offs are reground and used in the production of DragonBoard.